Some Immediate Action Steps to Take

  • Stop all contact with that individual and company.
  • Contact your bank or financial institution to close or change any compromised accounts.
  • Go to to see a copy of your free annual credit report.
  • Save all information or messages about the promotion and/or the individual(s) you communicated with about the opportunity. You may need to provide this information when you file a report.


Report the Incident to the Site Where You First Saw the Ad or Promotion

Contact the Money Service Company You May Have Used and Report the Fraud


These resources have been gathered, selected and vetted to help simplify the process of recovering after a cybercrime incident has taken place. You may need to contact organizations outside Results will vary depending on your circumstances.


Once you have notified the appropriate organizations and you are on the road to recovery, it is time to reinforce your cybersecurity, using these resources and tools.

Implement Preventive Measures

  • Ask the individual contacting you to provide their name, company name, address, and phone number.
  • Conduct research on the company or opportunity to help validate the information.
  • Avoid giving out your credit card or bank account information over the phone to a company representative, unless you’ve already established trust.
  • Learn about an investment professional’s background, registration status, and more using
  • Download our Six Steps to Better Security PDF.

Community Resources

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