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Cyberbullying involves the act of sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, or false information, including sharing personal or private information about the target that can cause embarrassment or humiliation.

Cyber Harassment

Cyber harassment occurs when an individual or group uses the internet through websites, email, phone, or social media accounts to harass, control, manipulate, or continually ridicule a child, adult, business, or group without a direct or implied threat of physical harm.


Cyberstalking occurs when an individual or group uses electronic tools such as apps, websites, email, phones, or social media accounts to conduct unwanted and/or repeated surveillance on another person.

Human Trafficking

The crime of human trafficking or crimes against children occurs when a trafficker or child predator uses fraud or force to control another person for the sole purpose of commercial sex acts or labor against their will.

Revenge Porn

Revenge porn is when sexually explicit images or videos are posted to the internet without permission.